Wow your guests with beautiful handwritten Wedding Envelope Calligraphy.  Calligraphy by Jennifer specializes in modern, traditional, whimsical and ornate styles suitable for every occasion. Whether you’re seeking calligraphy for envelopes, place cards, invitations, logos/monograms, a custom calligraphy stamp, or other custom design work, Calligraphy by Jennifer can create a work of art that will leave a lasting impression.

Wedding Envelope Calligraphy polishes off your wedding invitation by giving it that ultimate luxurious touch!  Your guests will appreciate the handwritten look over printed envelopes and have a keepsake they can hold onto.  Calligraphy by Jennifer would love to make your wedding extra special by hand lettering your wedding envelopes or any other wedding paper items you may need.  You may even consider a wedding calligraphy handwritten invitation!  Many engaged couples are now moving in this direction instead of premade invitations.

Calligraphy is a trend that never fades and has become even more popular this year! We have been in business for eleven years serving clients nationwide and not one year has calligraphy not been popular. Handwritten calligraphy add a special touch to your wedding day or any special occasion you may be celebrating!  Your guests will appreciate a beautiful calligraphy handwritten envelope, invitation, place card or whatever it may be you decide to incorporate calligraphy on for your special day.

Our professional Wedding Envelope Calligraphy services are open to clients nationwide and international. Choose from over 40 beautiful handwritten calligraphy styles and a variety of creative options. Our dedication and passion is guaranteed to be reflected in the final product. Let us help you create the vision of your dreams, and make your event truly unique and spectacular!

Calligraphy by Jennifer would love to work with you!  We have been in business for over 11 years and would love to make your Wedding Envelope Calligraphy truly one of a kind! Please contact us today if we can help!

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