How to Order – Custom Creations

Thank you for choosing to work with us! Please read the steps below on how to book our services.

Please note: All of the details on your contract/order form do not have to be completed to reserve your spot on our calendar.

Please email us with details about your project idea. Some ideas you may consider for a custom project could include *not limited to*:

  • Canvas Prints
  • Lettering on Glass/Mirrors
  • Lettering on Wood or Plastic
  • Sand Dollars
  • Coffee Mugs/Glasses
  • Birthday Cards / Invitations
  • Valentine Cards
  • Christmas Ornaments, Tags, Cards
  • Stationary, Thank You Cards
  • Tattoo Art


Since this is a custom creation please be as specific as possible. This will help guide us on pricing and whether or not we can help you.  Please include in your email any inspirational photos you may have, materials we will be writing on, text and design work needed, date you need completed, etc.

We will respond within a few hours with a detailed price quote. This will include any creative ideas we may have and could include several price options depending on the scope of your project.

Once you have approved your quote, please complete the Calligraphy Contract/Order Form to reserve your spot on our calendar.

For all custom design work, we require 50% up front. Once you approve the pencil sketch we provide you, the balance including shipping charges will be due before we do anything in permanent ink.

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