Calligraphy Learning Kit

Our kit is suitable for both right and left handers, and can be shipped anywhere in the US and International too!

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Are you ready to venture into the world of calligraphy? This fabulous learning kit we have created is specifically tailored for those eager to learn the beautiful art of hand-lettering! Our specialty hand-crafted kit contains all the necessary materials needed to begin.  You will learn basic calligraphy techniques including how to form strokes, letters from a script font provided in your kit, how to form words and develop sentences. We also have included a galore of tips, tricks and helpful information for your reference, all of which you will find extremely beneficial!  These include a variety of topics such as: nib and ink difficulties, variations in nibs, mastering pressure and release techniques, properly spacing letters/words and so much more!

Our calligraphy learning kit
also makes for a fantastic gift


Below is a list of items you will receive and what you will learn.

What You’ll Get

  • Extensive Learning Worksheets with detailed Instructions. These include (stoke formation worksheets, letter formation worksheets and word/sentence formation worksheets.
  • A Script Font to Learn
  • Speedball Straight Holder to write with (can be used for left handed people too)!
  • Nibs for writing – 3 total
  • A Jar of Black Ink
  • Pipette for withdrawing ink from jar.
  • Dinky Dip Wooden Block with Vial
  • Blank Grid Paper (several sheets)
  • Tracing Paper (several sheets)
  • Calligraphy Practice Tablet (contains 80 sheets of bright white paper)
  • An informative pack of Tips, Tricks and Helpful Information
  • A Kraft Paper Bag with your name heat embossed or done in calligraphy by us!

What You’ll Learn

  • How to form Basic Calligraphy Strokes
  • How to form Letters from a Script Font
  • How to develop Words and Sentences
  • Pressure & Release Techniques (how to form thick and thin lines).
  • Tricks and Tips on Nib & Ink Difficulties
  • Nib Variations
  • Tips on Paper Quality
  • Plus so much more!


US Customers

Calligraphy Learning Kit + Shipping

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Calligraphy kits will ship out within two business days after purchased.
Refunds + Returns: Due to the proprietary nature of the content included, our Calligraphy Starter Kits may not be returned or refunded. By submitting your payment, you agree to these terms.

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